Localised and connected sustainable value creation

What makes people and organizations want to be part of the global movement towards smarter and more sustainable society. How can cities and communities act locally with the combined resources of a global community?

Impact PlayGround 24

Impact PlayGround 24 is a glocal event involving both local communities, social entrepreneurs, cities and other stakeholders involved in sustainable value creation. This Playground is part of an ongoing prototyping to deliver a glocal approach to sustainable development.

Slumcode Hub Nairobi

The United for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities Implementation Program (U4SSC-IP) aims to build smarter and more sustainable cities worldwide. ​​The U4SSC IP Leader is Ms Kari Eik, Secretary General of the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER)

United Smart Cities Vienna Lab

30 May 2018: The first United Smart Cities (USC) Smart City LAB has opened in Vienna, Austria, to support the creation of solutions for smart sustainable cities across the globe. The LAB will develop and implement urban sustainability projects in cities in the areas of education, health, infrastructure, mobility, energy and Internet of Things (IoT), among others, and will support the acceleration of new projects.

Ålesund Future Lab – U4SSC IP

The Municipality of Ålesund established Ålesund Futurelab - U4SSC ip in November 2019, as the second lab of this kind in Europe. The lab is a collaboration with the UNs program for smart and sustainable development - United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC).

The Futurelab is a project to help achieve UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and is a partnership with actors from private business, academia and the public sector.

The UN’s KPI-analysis for cities and regions, with key indicators for sustainability and smart development, are the base for the work of the partnerships in Ålesund Futurelab.

Youth Advocates Ghana

YAG works to transform the lives of children and youth by improving access to information and enhance participation in sexual and reproductive health, education and livelihood programmes

Geneva UN Chater Centre of Excellence

SDG City Transitions

The Excellence Centre in Trondheim supports the work of the UNECE on smart and sustainable transitions of cities and communities